ICT4D is currently a 'hot research topic' in many fields with recent conferences (for example, eLearning Africa), conference tracks (CAL 07 ICT4D) and workshops (AI in ICT for Development Workshop) dedicated to the theme. However, until recently less attention has been paid to the specific difficulties of designing for and with communities in the developing world (see UCD4ID). How appropriate are developed-world participatory and human-centred methods? Should we be 'parachuting in' foreign methods and experts, or focusing attention on building local HCI expertise? Do we in fact have more to learn than to teach?

To participate in this workshop submit a two-page position paper. Possible themes are:

  • Case studies of user-centred design and participatory experiences in the developing world - both successes and failures;
  • The difficulties of separating development and research objectives;
  • Design of educational technology for development;
  • Participatory methods from community action, education, agriculture, technology design, theatre, etc..;
  • Innovative methods for designing for and with communities with diverse needs; or
  • Managing expectations in particpatory design projects.

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